Sibel bann.jpg

Primula Sibel stands up above the crowd with gorgeous tall blooms

Primula elatior Sibel

Height: 30 cm
Spread: 20 cm
Frost Hardy

General Description:

Enrich your winter garden with a splash of colour form the Sibel Primrose series. A beautiful mid season range with tall stems holding its range of bright blooms up for all to see. Perfect for pots or garden borders. The tall stems of flowers appear from July through till early spring. A wonderful way to bring some cheerful colour to the patio or garden in the depths of winter.


Perfect for pots and planters. These beauties will be equally at home in the perennial border or mixed border.

Plant Care:

Hardy and easy care. Apply slug bait. Remove spent flowers to encourage repeat flowering. Add blood and bone fertiliser.


Flowering Period Apr, May, Jun, Jul
Repeat Flowering Yes
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Cool Temperatures
Warm Temperatures