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Please read the FAQ's first. If you still have any questions or comments regarding our products please fill in the form below.


Many of the Enrich with Nature plants are seasonal and are in stores whilst flowering, or during the most appropriate planting season. If you are looking for something that is not in season, please view the product page, or contact us using the contact form on this page for further details on availability. You can also ask your preferred retailer to order your plants in for you for when they become available. Click here for your closest retailer

Sometimes certain retailers purchase entire crops of Enrich with Nature product lines to enable nationwide promotions. In this instance you will need to visit one of the stores advertising the product. Click here to find a list of your closest retailers (link to retailers page).Often the product is available at other stores a month or so later. Ask your preferred store to order your plant in for you.

Enrich with Nature produce their plants at a time that gardeners will get maximum value. For examplemost perennial lines are not available after mid summer as their period of usefulness in the garden reduces after this time. If the plant you are looking for is not available due to this reason, then yes the plant will only be available next season.

Please refer to the product page which indicates the season of availability. For more detailed dates you will need to ask your preferred retailer when they are receiving their consignments, or they can order in specifically for you. Click here to find a list of your closest retailers.

Because climatic conditions vary so much depending upon where you are, you are best to go to your local retailer to seek specific advice about plants for your local location.

No, Enrich with Nature is a network of growers that specialise in producing high quality plants for garden centres and home improvement stores, only. For specific landscape advice, you are best to approach your local retailer, who will often have an in house landscaper, or be able to recommend one for your area. Click here to find a list of your closest retailers.

Yes. Enrich with Nature is a national network of growers, focussed on producing high quality plants sourced from the very best international breeding houses, ensuring optimum performance in your garden. You can rest assured that all the plants that carry the Enrich with Nature brand are produced in NZ in modern nurseries utilising the most up to date and environmentally sustainable practices.

The nurseries growing Enrich with Nature products supply to trade customers only. Please visit our Where to buy page to discover your nearest stockist. Click here to find a list of your closest retailers.

The nurseries growing EWN product supply to trade customers only. If you are a trade customer you will need to open an account and fill in the relevant forms. You will need to provide proof of business and complete our credit request forms. Please use the contact form on this page and include your location and the product lines you are interested in so we can direct your enquiry to the most appropriate grower.