About Us

The Enrich With Nature® brand represents superior garden products that have been specifically chosen to maximise success for home gardeners. Whether you're creating your ultimate outdoor entertaining space, a peaceful and tranquil retreat, a vibrant family zone or simply need to screen the neighbours, you'll find life easy if you Enrich with Nature®. Choose from our extensive range of plants and garden accessories and find out why Enrich with Nature® is quickly becoming New Zealand's leading horticultural brand.

Enrich with Nature® was founded by a strong partnership between two of New Zealand's leading nurseries -
Annton Nursery and Rainbow Park Nurseries.

Annton Nursery

Annton Nursery started small in 1980, when Ann and John Burton began growing New Zealand native seedlings for the Keep New Zealand Green scheme. In 1987 when funding for that scheme dried up, the family turned their focus to being a specialist supplier to retail garden stores and have been on that track ever since. Their son Stephen took the reins in the late 90's and has continued the process of rapid growth. Annton's is now one of the largest and most respected wholesale nursery operations in New Zealand.

Rainbow Park Nurseries

With more than 40 years in the business - Rainbow Park Nurseries knows plants. Spanning 20 hectares, including three hectares of heated greenhouses, we specialise in growing the highest quality indoor and outdoor plants and vegetables for garden centres, florists, major trade warehouses and retailers throughout New Zealand. From Phalaenopsis Orchids to Lettuce, and Impatiens to specimen trees - we've got it covered.