Classy Teucrium Platinum Baby will turn any garden into hot property

Teucrium fruticans Platinum Baby

Height: 60 cm
Spread: 40 cm

General Description:

A unique new selection of Teucrium which features tight upright foliage growth which is much more compact than regular Teucrium. The stunning silvery grey foliage remains and with the striking tight habit Platinum Baby becomes the perfect option for an urban hedge.


Easily clipped to fit any any area or shape. Great for topiary work in pots or as a formal low hedge. A great replacement for the traditional box hedge which is susceptible to disease.

Plant Care:

Trim regularly to keep compact and concentrate growth on foliage rather than flower. Protect from heavy frost when very young. Fertiliser annually to encourage strong growth in spring and autumn.


Foliage Colour Greyish green
Flower Colour Blue
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