Create a garden sensation with vibrant easy care geraniums.

Pelargonium intermedia Cassiopeia PVR Protected

Height: 50 cm
Spread: 40 cm
Full Sun
Frost Tender

General Description:

A breakthrough in Geranium breeding, crossing an Ivy with a Zonal to bring stunning darker crimson blooms than any Zonal, but still with the compact shrubby habit. As a bonus the shiny leaves from an Ivy have been inherited also.


Ideal for pots and for adding long term summer colour to the garden. Cassiopeia will flower for most of the warmer months so is perfect for a high profile spot in your garden or on your patio.

Plant Care:

Best planted in a hot sunny position with good drainage. Feed with a slow release fertiliser to prolong the flowering display and apply slug bait for protection. Remove finished flowers to encourage new buds to develop. Easy care and quick growing.Apply slug bait regularly.


Flowering Period Summer, Spring
Flower Colour Red
Repeat Flowering Yes
just add...
A Sunny Position