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Enjoy the old-fashioned charm of the beautiful Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla

General Description:

The classic Hydrangea has made a come back in recent years with its exception flowers and large fleshy foliage. This much-loved beauty has a long flowering period and is easy to look after. The Hydrangea is easy to grow. Position to allow morning sun and in the afternoon in semi-shade to protect the gorgeous blooms.


Enjoy around the home in pots or plant directly in the garden.

Plant Care:

Feed in early spring and remove spent flower heads to encourage repeat flowering. Prune after flowering, reducing the stems to restrict their growth to the available space and to improve the shape of the plant. After pruning mulch with compost around the base of the plant. Position with a little afternoon shade.


Flowering Period Summer, Spring
Repeat Flowering Yes
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