Kiwi born and bred, Leigh lavenders deliver the best of intense colours and fragrance.

Lavandula Leigh Series PVR Protected

height: 20cm
spread: 40cm
Full Sun
frost hardy

General Description:

Top performing Leigh Lavenders are ideally suited to New Zealand gardens with a range of rich colours, forms and fragrances. These long flowering plants love the hot dry Kiwi summer climate and will equally work well in pots or the garden.


These quick growing perennials are great in pots mixed with other perennials in the flower garden or even as a small clipped hedge. A great companion plant for a potager garden plant near a path or deck to enjoy the fragrance of the foliage and flowers.

Plant Care:

Lavenders grow best in full sun in a well-drained position. A light trim or deadhead during spring and summer will encourage repeat flowering. Trim more vigorously at the end of summer to rejuvenate your plant for spring.

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