Mouth-watering Margarita daisies tempt with classic style and colour.

Osteospermum Margarita Series

height: 60cm
spread: 60cm
Full Sun
frost tender

General Description:

Originating from Africa these stunning plants love the sun and hot dry summers. With uniform and spreading plant habits, pick your favourite or mix and match from the colourful range. Each bush will display an abundance of daisy-like flowers from early spring till the first frost.


Use as an accent plant in pots and planters or for a pop of colour in the middle of your flower bed. The Osteospermum is hardy and drought resistant, ideal for coastal planting at your house or bach.

Plant Care:

Osteospermum flowers open for the sun each day and enjoy a sunny well drained position. They are suitable for planting in coastal areas but need protection from heavy frosts. Clip and deadhead regularly to maintain maximum flowering. Apply slug bait from time to time.

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