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Light up any perennial planting or pot with Bidens Lights.

Bidens Lights Series

height: 30cm
spread: 40cm
Size: Small < 1m
Full Sun
frost hardy

General Description:

The Lights Series of Biden are unlike any before. A stunning new range of flowering perennials with colours other than the typical yellow of earlier Biden. The Lights series has three gorgeous new varieties in three distinct colours. Quick and easy to grow, these will light up any perennial planting.


Compact and almost continually flowering, the Biden Lights are ideal in pots or mass planted in the garden. A single specimen will have sufficient blooms to make a great statement all of its own.

Plant Care:

Very easy care and simple to grow, Bidens prefer a full sun site and adequate water during hot periods, otherwise are a simple case of plant and forget. If flowering has finished, a clip back will encourage repeat flowering.

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