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A popular indoor plant that looks great while effectively cleaning the air

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

Size: Small < 1m

General Description:

A flowering perennial that has long being one of our most popular indoor and landscape plants. Spathiphyllum are herbaceous plants with lance-shaped to oblong leaves with showy, white spathes, each one cupping a yellow spadix. There has been significant breeding work done in recent years with Spathiphyllum resulting in many leaf forms, colours and differing flowering habits. Also available is the Spathiphyllum Dominio. This variety is a well-known variegated spathe with a particularly tough leaf, making it an ideal indoor plant. The Dominio flowers reliably.


Spaths are hardy and very tolerant of low light situations making them ideal interior plants to brighten a dark corner or mass planting where a dramatic foliage affect is needed. The flowers are scented and under certain conditions release a subtle perfume. Did you know the US Environmental Agency currently ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top threats to public health? Indoor houseplants safely, naturally and effectively clean the air you breathe through their natural cycle of air around them. To find out more visit

Plant Care:

Water spaths well from spring to autumn and more carefully in the winter. They tolerate standing in water but not drying out. Keep plants away from direct sunlight as to much light will cause yellowing of the foliage. Spaths are tropical plants and prefer warm temperatures, 18 degrees is ideal but they will tolerate down to 15 degrees. Feed when in active growth but not during winter. Spaths prefer high humidity, old flower stems can be cut off and plants should be repotted in the spring. Spaths can be susceptible to spider mites and grey mould.

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