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Add a splash of colour to your living space with a beautiful Bromeliad

Bromeliad Bromeliaceae

Size: Tabletop

General Description:

Looking to add another layer your decor? Look no further than the beautiful Bromeliad. This little beauty has many different flowers and makes the perfect accent to any space. This much-loved houseplant well-known for its interesting and long-lasting flowers (up to three months!) and variety of colours - orange, pink, red, purple and yellow. The wide fleshy leaves are often variegated. We grow a number of Guzmania and Vriesea varieties. Note not all varieties are available at any one time. Please visit your nearest retailer for available plants. The pictures shown here are only a selection of what we grow.


Perfect in pots, a Bromeliad will create a stylish look around the home and on the patio. They are epiphytes and the many types have striking foliage colours and others are grown and choosen for their colourful and long lived flowers.

Plant Care:

Bromeliads tolerate a broad spectrum of light but are best kept away from full sun. They prefer warm temperatures but will tolerate temperatures down to 15 degrees celcius. As ephiphtyes they are relatively drought tolerant which has made them a popular landscape plant in arid climates. Water inside the rosette and feed monthly during the summer with a balanced liquid fertiliser into the rosette. Always ensure the rosette has water. Repot offsets in the spring.

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