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For a prolific flowering climber, choose the Mandevilla

Mandevilla Collection

Full Sun

General Description:

Add colour to your garden with this Mandevilla. This bold and beautiful flowering vine is extremely versatile can be trained to climb, trail or cascade. Vibrant eye-catching blooms flower continuously from spring until autumn. Comes in gorgeous reds, white and pink. The Mandevillas is known for their vigorous growth and climbing habit depending on planting arrangement.


Perfect for climbing up lattice or walls, trailing in the garden or cascading in hanging baskets.

Plant Care:

Mandevillas enjoy a sunny position with free draining soils. They will withstand high heats and will benefit from organically enriched soils. Water your Mandevilla well initially and during few weeks while it establishes. Aloha Mandevillas will tolerate short periods of dryness but for best results keep moist during the hot summer months. A light trim after flowering will promote new growth and enhance flowering performance.

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