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Leptospermums are attractive and bee friendly - great natives for your garden.

Leptospermum Manuka Hybrid Collection


General Description:

With gorgeous colourful flowers through the winter and into spring New Zealand native manuka plants are hardy and attractive. Many have bronze foliage which contrasts with the bright red, pink or white flowers. These plants are a valuable addition to any garden.


Great for attracting bees and to provide last winter and early spring colour at a time when the garden needs a lift. Leptospermums grow well in New Zealand conditions which other plants may struggle coping well with clay soils, frost, coastal conditions and other extremes.

Plant Care:

Prefers full sun and will tolerate drier conditions once established. Hardy to frost and poor soils. If sooty mould develops spray with copper fungicide mixed with garden oil. Feed with general garden fertiliser to encourage repeat flowering.

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