Silvery Sidonie serves up a striking summer spread of delicious blue.

Lavendula pinnata Lavender Sidonie

Height: 60 cm
Spread: 1m
Full Sun
Frost Tender

General Description:

A gorgeous form of the Fern Leaved Lavender with several distinctive features including extra long stemmed flowers in an almost iridescent blue/ purple, on lovely feathery grey green foliage. Sidonie also features a unique fresh scent great for floral bouquet use. This specimen is ideal for mass planting and especially good for area with high humidity.


Sidones compact uniform habit and growth make it ideal for a low hedge or mass planted for effect. The fragrant flowers and leaves would make a valuable addition to a herb garden or potager. Plant in a container or pot to enjoy near living areas or entrance ways. Attracts bees.

Plant Care:

Dislikes wet feet and protect from all but the lightest frosts. Trim to tidy late spring and late summer to maintain shape and encourage flowering. fertiliser every year in spring to improve growth and flowering. Apply slug bait.


Flowering Period Summer, Spring
Flower Colour Blue
Repeat Flowering Yes
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