Charming combiination of hardiness, delightful scent and beauty

Dianthus Beauties Collection

height: 20 cm
spread: 40 cm
Full Sun
frost hardy

General Description:

Dianthus Beauties are a stunning hardy perennial colour for almost any position. They feature dainty blooms of the traditional 'garden pink' which incorporate the addictive clove scent of a Carnation. Quick growing and easy care everblooming perennials they are perfect for pot and planters and equally at home in your garden.


Ideal as a border plant or to cover the base of large pots and provide a splash of year round pots. Or try in small pots near the kitchen window to enjoy the splash of colour and the beautiful scent on a still summers night.

Plant Care:

A very tough and easy care plant. Tolerant of most conditions, although will do best in a full sun situation. Almost always has flowers. If the plant is getting a bit unruly, simply clip back hard and it will re flush and bloom again in a matter of weeks.

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Ground Cover
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A Sunny Position
Warm Temperatures
A Coastal Site