Beschornaria Reality (1).jpg

Tropical foliage with a striking flower

Beschorneria yuccoides Reality PVR Protected

Height: 1 m
Spread: 1 m
Frost Tender
strappy leaf

General Description:

An attractive and stylish variegated selection of Amole the Agave relative from Mexico that has flexible leaves without spikes. This golden-variegated sport grows to form multiple rosettes 3 to 5 feet tall. In summer, the red flower stalks rise high above the foliage and display bright green and pink pendulous flowers.


Great for a hot dry spot to create a spectacular feature. The dramatic flower spikes give height and interest in the summer.

Plant Care:

Plant in full sun, little water. The hardiest species of Beschorneria, very drought tolerant.


Flowering Period Summer
Foliage Colour Green and cream
Flower Colour Pink
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Hot Temperatures
Dry Soils