Griselinea littoralis Broadway Mint Low Res.jpg

A green glossy hedge to be admired year after year

Griselinia littoralis Broadway Mint

Height: 4 m
Spread: 2.5 m
Full Sun
Frost Hardy

General Description:

Hardy shrub with bushy growth habit glossy green leaf which grows well in exposed dry conditions. Grows well as a trimmed hedge or shelter.


Forms a dense, easy to maintain healthy hedge. Plant at approximately 1m intervals or closer for a faster result. Griselinia are useful as a low shelter belt in coastal situations.

Plant Care:

Easy care these hardy plants are resistant to diseases and insect pests. Trim regularly when young to encourage bushy growth from ground level. Feed annually with a general fertiliser.


Flowering Period Summer, Autumn
Foliage Colour Green
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A Sunny Position
Warm Temperatures
Moist Soils
A Coastal Site