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Sun loving and drought resisting make Meerlo a perfect summer companion plant.

Lavendula allardii Meerlo PVR Protected

Height: 80 cm
Spread: 80 cm
Full Sun

General Description:

A beautiful Lavender with attractive creamy variegated foliage. Grown mostly for the stunning foliage, as it will only flower under certain conditions. This vigorous plant will hold its beautiful variegated and fragrant foliage year round. Clips well. Prefers full sun.


Perfect in a sunny dry spot under the eaves of a house or as a pot plant on the patio. This is the most heat, humidity and drought tolerant Lavender we have grown.

Plant Care:

Easy care. Trim each year to maintain shape, feed annually with a general fertiliser and protect from heavy frost

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A Sunny Position
A Coastal Site